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Annual Requirements

All Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) must renew their registration with the Office of Student Engagement annually. Failure to do so will result in termination of student organization privileges. Renewal registration is on-line through Norse Up (OrgSync). Paper registrations will not be accepted.

Requirements for Registration of a Student Organization:

  • The Administrator must attach a copy of the local by-laws, constitution and any other governing documents.
  • All members of the organization must register with Norse Up (OrgSync) and link to join the organization in order to show as a member.
  • The organization must maintain a minimum of 5 members. Membership is limited to full and part time NKU students.
  • A representative of the Organization and the Adviser (if possible) must attend a Student Organization Orientation. These are scheduled during September. Please read N3 for dates and times or refer to the Orientation tab above.
  • Submit $25 organization registration payment to the Office of Student Engagement, SU 303 by September 29.
  • Organization Administrators must complete and maintain their organizations portal.

New Organizations

New student organizations must complete all of the above and:

  • Schedule a meeting with Student Engagement to be trained on Norse Up (OrgSync) and attend an orientation if you have not attended one already.
  • Select a name for the organization that is not deceptively similar to any current organization.
  • Select a Faculty Adviser and discuss with him/her mutual expectations.
  • Draft a Constitution according to the guidelines in the Student Organization Handbook or follow the ample under the Governance tab above..


  • A constitution must accompany each organizations registration. The following are standard considerations when compiling a constitution:
  • Statement of purpose and mission.
  • Statement qualifications for membership.
  • A listing of offices which the organization will have and duties inherent in each of these.
  • A statement that the organization will provide for "due process" in disciplinary or expulsion procedures with its membership.
  • A statement as to how the organization will be financed.
  • A statement that two authorized signatures are required for every financial transaction (protects the organization and the individual).
  • A statement that includes a provision for the disposition of funds remaining in the event of the dissolution of the group.
  • A statement that the organization is not organized for the purpose of furthering the private financial gain of an individual and/or select number of individuals.
  • Statement that the organization does not subscribe to discrimination as to race, sex, or creed, sexual orientation, age, veteran statues, or national origin, except when the expressed and legitimate purposes of the organization require limitation as to sex or religious affiliation or belief.
  • A statement that addresses the means to approve amendments and the required vote for amending the constitution (recommend 2/3 vote).
  • If the organization has national affiliation, a copy of the national constitution should be included in the registration packet for the Student Engagement office along with the national headquarters.
  • Voting process for officers and how vacant positions will be handled mid-term.

How to write a Constitution/By-laws

A good constitution establishes structure and purpose of the group; creates methods for selecting officers; and designates powers and responsibilities to those members and officers.

Download outline for a Constitution/By-Laws


Organization Orientations

Student Organizations Orientations have been scheduled as follows:

Date Time Location Register for Session
9/15/14 11:00-12:00 pm Student Union 302 RSVP Now!
9/15/14 5:00-6:00 pm Student Union 109 RSVP Now!
9/16/14 11:00-12:00 pm Student Union 302 RSVP Now!
9/16/14 5:00-6:00 pm Student Union 109 RSVP Now!
9/17/14 11:00-12:00 pm Student Union 302 RSVP Now!
9/18/14 4:00-5:00 pm Student Union 302


 9/18/14             5:00-6:00 pm                      Student Union 302

 9/19/14             11:00-12:00 pm                  Student Union 302


If you are unable to make any of these sessions, please email with your availability and we will coordinate a session for you. Please put in the subject line: Student Org Orientation

Registration fee of $25.00 is due to Student Engagement on September 30th. 


Norse Up (OrgSync) Getting Started

Norse Up  serves as a kind of "virtual organizations fair" that makes it easy to explore student groups from anywhere that there's a computer. Here's how you get started.

I. Setting up personal profile

  • Go to  (We recommend using Firefox over IE)
  • Click on "login" in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Enter your NKU username and password to log in.
  • Enter your personal information in the available fields and even upload a picture if you want to. Click "finished" when you're done.
  • Log in to Norse Up anytime with your NKU username  and password and start connecting!
  • Once you're in the system, you can explore the 200+ student run organizations at NKU. Here's how you do that:

II. Joining an existing organization

  • Click on "join an org" under "My Orgs" at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the "Organizations" tab, this will lead you to a list of student organizations at NKU. Search by letter, category or title.
  • Explore an organization by clicking on its name- this will bring up its organization profile.
  • Click "join" to request membership- this will notify officers listed for the organization that you are interested in joining them. You may also choose to reach out to an officer through the contact information they've provided on the organization's page.

III. Create a New Organization

If you can't find a group in line with your interests, don't worry- you can start one yourself! Just refer to the tab marked Registration here:

Within Norse Up (OrgSync) click on "Create a New Organization" and follow the Instructions. Before you start make sure there is sufficient interest from other students in your organization or you will be stuck with the "bill" - literally!

The Role of an Adviser

By accepting the position of adviser to a student organization, you have chosen to become involved with campus activities. An adviser is a consultant to an organization and assists in the growth and development of the group by providing direction, advice, understanding and clarification.  Note: This tab provide a broad overview. For more information and details, please review the Organization Advisers Handbook on the Forms section of this website.

An adviser should:

  • Clarify his/her role as an adviser to the group members as he/she sees it. Once understood, there should be fewer problems due to understanding their role and responsibilities.
  • Be able to interpret university policies governing registered student organizations (as defined in the student organization manual).
  • Provide continuity by sharing policies, regulations, roles and responsibilities with group members, and also assist with the transition of officers each year.
  • Encourage and assist the group in setting organization goals.
  • Be available to group members to advise or assist in organization-related problems or issues.
  • Stay up-to-date on what is occurring within the organization.
  • Advise and consult organization officers on budgets and other financial affairs.
  • Attend adviser workshops and any other workshops relevant for your organization.
  • Attend meetings whenever possible.
  • Promote involvement and discussion.
  • Provide constructive feedback when appropriate.
  • Challenge members to set high goals, then support them in their efforts.
  • Be a facilitator of creativity and innovation for the organization.
  • Promote diversity within the organization.
  • Most importantly, be a caring individual with a real interest in and concern for students and their growth.

Every student organization is required to have an adviser who is a faculty or administrative staff member. Graduate students are not eligible to fulfill the requirements of an organization adviser. The adviser agrees to assist the organization, to provide an educational experience for its individual members and to be familiar with its programs and activities. The Office of Student Engagement is available to assist advisers with questions concerning their organizations.

Privileges, Responsibility and Accountability of Student Organizations

It is the position of the Office of Student Engagement that all student organizations support the interest of the University by:

  • Providing a forum for social interaction that permits the individual to learn to effectively relate to others.
  • Encouraging and stimulating intellectual growth by promoting participation in the intellectual and cultural life of the University.
  • Providing an environment in which learning takes place through the free exchange of ideas and beliefs between members.
  • Promoting academic achievement and scholarship.
  • Providing valuable leadership experience.
  • Providing a support system for individuals as they proceed through significant developmental changes.

Because the Office of Student Engagement supports the aforementioned position, the following privileges are conferred on all Registered Student Organizations in good standing:

  • Assistance of the Student Engagement staff in coordination and maintenance of the student organization.
  • Advertisements and notices in official publications.
  • Use of University facilities.
  • Eligibility for University funding upon approval of the Legacy Fund Committee.
  • Calendar registration privileges.
  • Posting and Advertising privileges.
  • Use of resources available in Student Engagement and the Student Involvement Center.
  • Use of University Services.
  • Use of Student Organization Mailboxes as available.
  • Participation in all-University events, i.e. Rites of Spring, Pumpkin Bust, Homecoming, Freshfusion.
  • Inclusion in recruitment events, i.e. Student Organization Rallies, Orientation Tailgates, Student Organization Fairs.

The Office of Student Engagement further believes that part of the developmental process includes holding our registered student organizations and their membership accountable if they fail to meet the responsibilities outlined below:

  • Comply with all laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Comply with all University Policies and guidelines.
  • Engage in sound financial management.
  • Off-campus checking accounts must require a double signature for all transactions and Faculty/Staff advisers must have signature authority and access to the account.
  • Expend all of the organization's monies to further the purpose(s) of the organization and not for the private benefit of officers or members.
  • Regularly inform the organization's adviser(s) about the programs, personnel, and activities of the organization.
  • The organization shall engage only in positive, educationally sound activities that will not bring disfavor upon the University.
  • Accept responsibility for all financial obligations incurred and decisions made as an organization.
  • Register as an organization annually with the Office of Student Engagement.

Failure to act responsibly may result in the following sanctions for organizations

  • Warning - A warning is a notice to the organization that they will be placed on probationary status if specified obligations are not met within a designated period of time.
  • Community Service - An organization may be required to participate in some form of community service that will help repair any loss of favor that the University may have experienced.
  • Educational - The organization and its membership may be required to participate in an educational activity related to the action(s) that resulted in the violation. Examples include: the development of and/or participation in an alcohol education seminar, leadership training, etc.
  • Probation - Loss of any or all privileges of registered student organizations. Probation must be for a specific duration at which time status can be reviewed. During the probationary period any additional violation may lead to immediate suspension.
  • Suspension - Suspension may be recommended to the Dean of Students. Suspension shall involve permanent, complete withdrawal of all privileges and rights of the student organization. In addition, no suspended group may use or rent NKU facilities as a non-University group. In order to regain registration privileges, the organization must register as a new forming group during regular registration period at the conclusion of the suspension period.

NOTE: The Dean of Students and the Director of Student Engagement reserve the right to adjudicate serious violations outside of these prescribed procedures if the welfare/and or safety of students, or self, is in jeopardy.





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